Africa Space Workshops

Ahmed Abdi (Somalia/Netherlands)

Ahmed Abdi

Ahmed has a BEng degree in Aerospace Engineering, Astronautics & Space Technology at Kingston University London and MSc of Space Studies at International Space University. As a former refugee who fled a civil war with his family from his country of origin, he could ever so more appreciate and recognize how utilizing space technology could have mitigated if not prevented some of the main causes that exacerbated the instability in his native land. Having had the blessings and opportunities to get a higher education, particularly gaining a better understanding of the benefits of space he decided this is knowledge that he must share to contribute to the betterment of humanity.
Africa is growing both economically as well as population wise. With such growth technological advancement is required in order to turn challenges into opportunities to improve lives for Africans. Utilizing space technology is a MUST to help Africa understand its challenges and deal with them effectively. And with Africa’s population expected to nearly double to 2 billion people by 2050, ignoring Africa is a mistake no one can afford. Now more than ever African success stories made by Africans in Africa are needed. African voices need to be heard and represented in the space and wider tech world. His dream is to combine his space expertise and life experiences to help create an environment where African space and tech startups can establish and prosper


Arnold Bundotich (Kenya)

Arnold Bundotich

Arnold Bundotich is a final year undergraduate student studying Bachelor of Science-Astronomy and Astrophysics in the University of Nairobi, Kenya. He has been actively involved in space activities in Kenya. He works with The Travelling Telescope ( hence has been actively involved in space outreach in over 100 schools reaching more than 30000 students both secondary and primary. As the leader of University or Nairobi Astronomy and Space Science Association (UNASSA) He has been able to facilitate partnership with both private and public companies to promote space activities in Kenya. He has also organized several events in Kenya including World Space Week 2016 and 2017, star parties and Astro Nights. Arnold is passionate in Astronomy and is working to ensure Kenya and Africa at large embraces space activities and appreciate its benefits


Maryanne Muriuki (Kenya)

Maryanne MuriukiMs. Maryanne Muriuki holds a background in Disaster Management, as well as International Relations and Diplomacy. She has been actively involved in the space science sector for a few years now. She is interested in bringing African space enthusiasts together, as well as encouraging young girls and women to take up STEM. She served as the Co-Event Manager for the inaugural African Space Generation Workshop (AF-SGW) in Nigeria in 2017 and as a communications coordinator for the Space Generation Congress (SGC 2017), held in Adelaide, Australia. Currently, she serves as the National Point of Contact (NPoC) for Kenya, and the Project Co-Lead for the Space Technology for Disaster Management (STDM) Project Group, for the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC). She has organised various space science events in Kenya including Yuri’s Night and Country Meet-Ups. Ms. Muriuki is also actively involved in organising Science Weeks for various primary and secondary schools in Nyandarua County (Kenya), where she grew up.


Damilola Oladeji (Nigeria)

Damilola OladejiDamilola Oladeji is a geospatial analyst and research fellow with passion in space technology. He has a degree in Remote Sensing and Geoscience Information Systems from the Federal University of Technology, Akure. He is a former intern at the GIS unit of the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture and an Alumnus of Space club Futa. His interests span Earth observation for disaster monitoring and mitigation, yield prediction and estimation, and urban planning. He was a member of the organizing team for the first African Space Generation Workshop (AF-SGW), held in Nigeria in 2017. He is an SGAC web editor and currently serves as the National Point of Contact (NPoC) for Nigeria, for the Space Generation Advisory council (SGAC). He believes the role of geospatial information in achieving the sustainable development goals cannot be over-emphasized.



Eric Mwobobia (Kenya)

Eric Mwobobia Eric Mwobobia has huge interests in the technology and space sector with a background in Computer Science. He is currently a risk analyst in the telecommunications space. Eric has huge experiences in community, technology and leadership development from his previous initiatives and innovation projects. His key drive is his passion for technology – Internet of Things (IoT) and change making in our generation. His other research interests are in the design, adoption and impact of innovative low-cost appropriate updated tech solutions. Eric supports cross-functional strategic development activities and is fascinated about space applications. Eric also serves as a web coordinator for Space Generation Advisory Council.