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The Africa Geospatial Data and Internet Conference (AGDIC 2019)

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  • The Africa Geospatial Data and Internet Conference (AGDIC 2019)

Two members of the Africa Space Workshops (ASW) participated in the AGDIC 2019, which took place in Accra, Ghana 22-24 October, 2019.
Running under the theme “Shaping Africa’s Digital Future”, the conference brought over 1200 participants. It served a double bill, with geospatial data and internet governance taking center stage.

Here are the views of the ASW participating team:
“What I enjoyed most is the Africa Regional Data Cube (ARDC) session. I learnt how satellite data is used to transform the lives of the ordinary citizen. The Kenya Agricultural Observation Platform-KAOP is a good example. A farmer can check the weather forecast for the next seven days on the website or get the same information via USSD. Such accurate information can transform agriculture in Africa, whose potential of its arable land is under utilised. ”

ASW team with Dr. Kenneth Mubea of the Data4SDGs at AGDIC 2019. [Credits: Ken Mubea]

Damilola Oladeji, the ASW Remote Sensing lead. [Credits: AGDIC]

[Credits: Courtesy]

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